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Weisman Fountain

Mrs. Barbara Cloud-Weisman asked that I make her fountain as much like my Cypress Knee fountain as possible. Since her fountain was to be an indoor fountain, built to go in a corner, I didn't know how I could capture any of the essense of the Cyrpess Knee fountain in her fountain's design.

But with her wish in the back of my mind, an interesting innovation came into being in her fountain. It is a simple concept. A hole. I have often seen holes in real coquina stones used in landscaping. I have seen holes in the coquina that lays in the surf at Washington Oaks State Park.

I could not have imagined a practicle way to incorporate holes in my fountains. To have a verticle hole straight through a fountain didn't make sense to me. But to have a horizontal hole that the water could fall through was a natural evolution in the Weisman fountain. It is a little difficult to make it out. It is in the center near the top. The water flows three ways from the top-most pool. The center water fall descends through the hole that is created by a stone bridge.