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Four Classic Designs

The Rose, The Heart, Harmony, and Tranquility

Based on original designs from the early years of my work, I offer these four classic shapes and sizes of fountains.
The Rose fountain is the most recent addition to my Classic Design series. The Heart fountain is a favorite that I first began making in the early 1990's. For the longest time I simply called the Heart fountain my Small fountain. Years ago, a minister who purchased one looked at it and marveled at the way I incorporated a heart shape in the second pool from the top. Actually the heart shape was a total coincidence. But now that I have a smaller fountain, the Rose, the Heart will do nicely as a name. Thanks, Reverend Marni Harmony.  The Heart fountain comes in two different shapes: a two planter model, and a ledged model (see photos below). The Harmony and Tranquility were previously known as the Medium and Large fountain respectively.

Three popular sizes: Heart (20")
Harmony (30")
Tranquility (36")

In the above photos the Heart fountain (lower left) , the Harmony (upper left), the Tranquility fountain (far right)

The Rose fountain above. Click here for more photos of The Rose.

Below are some close up views of the two models of the Heart fountain.

 Above left, the Heart Fountain in Buff with two planters.

Above right, the Heart Fountain in White with Ledges.

Harmony Fountain (30"H)    Tranquility Fountain (36" H)

Click below to view brief movies of these fountains.

 Small FountainHarmony FountainTranquility Fountain , All three sizes in Display Garden