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The Wave and the Candle People

At least ten years ago, I was challenged to help a fellow artist with a commission. She was asked to create a bird bath like fountain with a kneeling female figure who was washing or wringing out her hair in a falling stream of water. She tried to execute the piece using copper leaf for the water effect.   She couldn't quite get things to her satisfaction, so I was asked to help out. I came up with a design similar to the one below. I have thought about creating another fountain like it for many years. Finally, here is the result. It is a versatile design that could be complimented with many different types of figures/statues in the falling water from above. The shape just cried out to be called, The Wave. Below you see a sculpture as the center piece called the Candle People, the work of Teresa Bowens of Clay Gallery, New Smyrna Beach, FL. The Wave is very adaptable to other items that could be displayed in place of the Candle People. Other figures such as a dolphin or elephant could be very effective as well.

Click on photos to enlarge. Enjoy these video clips 1, 2, 3