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Susan Gott Sea Weight Fountain

Phoenix Glass is owned by Susan Gott. I first met Susan several years ago when I was looking for a location in Tampa to move my studio to from my Pineallas Park location. Someone had told me she might have space to rent. Her studio and gardens are beautiful, but there was not enough space available for my needs. I ended up at the North Florida Ave. location, next to Covivant, the gallery. When I had checked out her possible space to rent, Susan showed me her small pond and said someday she might have me create a fountain to flow into it. I liked her work a lot and thought that her sea weights, glass representations of things nautical like conches, scallops, starfish, etc., might look nice in one of my fountains. She gave me a sea biscuit to experiment embedding in a fountain with back lighting. I finally got around to doing just that a few months ago. I got excited. Recently, I visited her studio to purchase more of the sea biscuits. She said she was ready to have me build her a fountain for her pond. Here is the result. More fountains incorporating Susan's creations are in the planning stages. Commissions are accepted.

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