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References and Testimonials

I just found your web site and wanted to contact you with words of praise. You created a fountain for me about 15 to 17 years ago. It is still in use and beautifully aged. In fact, it will go with me to my new home in Mt. Dora. Thank you for the beauty and peace your creation brought to my life."


Deland, Florida 

Peter Wassylenko, Owner of "Bonsai Gift Gallery" Key West, FL:
"We have been doing business with Joe Weinstein and Patio Paradise Fountains
for over ten years.  We have nothing but satisfied customers and repeat business.  His work is unique and appealing and adds charm to our store, as well.  We have no
hesitation in recommending him as an honest and forthright artist."
Contact Peter or Debbie at Bonsai of  Key West  305-294-2921 or through the Web site for their Dive Shop, Bonsai Diving

Hi Joe,

As a Florida native, who grew up playing in Blue Springs many years before it became a state park, I really appreciate the design of your fountains and the use of "native" and natural flowing design. In today's world of glitz, bling and instant gratification, the "stylish" trend of artificial and symmetric materials leaves me cold. I recieved one of your fountains as a gift almost ten years ago, and with the exception of a few days when an overnight freeze was predicted or cleaning, the fountain has been running 24/7/365 for almost ten years straight!

Here's the bad news, Our Fountain is the 20" with two planters and the pump has finally passed away, and my wife and I miss it terribly. I would really appreciate it, if you could sell me a replacement, or tell me where I might locate one. The fountain itself looks as good as day one, and until the poor pump finally wore out, it has performed flawlessly. Since it was a gift, and has been in the same location for all these years, we never knew where it came from or that you created it. When I moved it to repair the pump, I noticed the small metal plaque on the back with your name and a Sanford phone number and P.O. Box. So instantly I went googling and violá, here I am. It was great to find another person who was here in my area in the 60's and 70's and appreciates Florida's natural beauty, instead of plastic and concrete theme parks and artifically crafted landscapes. Thank You, and I await your reply.


Thanks for the info on the pump. There's a PetSmart in Lake Mary which is just a few minutes from my home in DeBary. Feel free to use my letter and my handle "Wildstar" or my first and last name if you wish. It's a rare thing to find a product that you can actually feel good about recommending, and your's is definitely one of them.

Thanks again, and may you and yours have a wonderful holiday season.


The naturally graceful appearance of our Patio Fountains

enhance the landscape day and night.  Thank you, Joe.

Winnie and John
"We  have been selling Patio Paradise's small fountains in our gift shop for over a decade.  People love them because they have a beautifully natural appearance, and the sound of the water is very calming."  Sandra Sue Dent, Bok Tower Gardens, Lake Wales, FL

Bok Tower Gardens , 863-678-1159

 My husband and I found you by way of the yellow pages when you were located in Sanford, FL. My husband had wanted a water fountain for a long time. We had looked at Home Depot, Lowe's and other landscape dealers but did not find anything to our liking. Most fountains appeared to be "plastic" and unnatural. Although your address was not in Orlando, we decided to motor up to see what you had to offer. Upon seeing your fountains, we both immediately decided that your design was exactly what we had been looking for.

    We have enjoyed our fountain since April 1998. The sound of water gurgling is very relaxing. We especially enjoy our beautiful fountain during the spring and fall seasons. We open our windows so we can hear the pleasant and relaxing sound of the waterfall as we lie in bed and drift off to sleep. Both workers and visiting guests have remarked "what a beautiful fountain" and have asked where we purchased it. We are proud to tell them it is a "Patio Paradise" Fountain by Joe Weinstein.
          My husband has several hives of bees and he thought I should let you know how much the bees enjoy the water access, especially in the summer time when our Florida weather is so hot. They line up around the edges of the pond getting their drinks of water. We don't mind sharing the pond with them. We also have plants to encourage butterflies to visit us. We love natural things and enjoy the outdoors. We are very pleased with the fountain you designed and made for our backyard garden.  Any one looking for a fountain that is natural looking, solidly constructed, easily maintained, and reasonably priced, would be pleased with your unique and artistic fountain designs. Your personal touch adds to the pleasure of doing business with you. We have found you to be courteous, and a professional artist as well as an honest businessman. We highly recommend your services to all those seeking to include a fountain, waterfall, or pond in their business or home.

Virginia & Arthur
Dear Joe,
I am writing this letter as a testimonial to the wonderful fountain you built for me several years ago.  Not only was the fountain's original design attractive, but the sound of falling water was pleasing to the ear.  At first, I asked that the fountain be located under my bedroom window and I enjoyed many pleasant nights, as I dropped off to sleep to the sound of gently falling water.  However, as time went on I found that from my patio area, where I spent a considerable amount of my leisure time, I could not enjoy the full beauty of the design.  As you may recall, we discussed this problem and we decided to enlarge the fountain and move it to another location in the patio area where I could see, and hear, the fountain from both the patio and my bedroom.
Until the day I sold my house, I received great pleasure from the fountain.  I have recommended you to others and will continue to do so in the future.
Many thanks for your creative design and for adding to my quality of life.
Sincerely, Joe Terranova