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"Patio Paradise Fountains"

by Joe Weinstein

Inspired by Florida's Natural Beauty

Hello, my name is Joe Weinstein.

Please take the time to view my photo galleries.

NEW -Patio Paradise Video
Slide Show (approximately 30 photos)
Richie M.'s Fountain Photos
Sanctuary Salon Photos
Dolphin Fountain Photos
Recent Fountains 2002
Photo Archive 1
Photo Archive 2
Photo Archive 3
Our Lady of the Lakes Mosaic Fountain
Home and Garden Shows
Dalmation Mosaic Fountain
Four Classic Designs
Weisman Fountain
Sand Boil Lily Pond
Batura Fountain and Construction Video
Finn Pool Side Fountain
Infinity Fountain
The Rose Fountain
Cloudforest Mosaic Wallhanging Fountain
Washington Oaks State Park, Coquina in the Surf
Contemporary Design
Recent Fountains 2003, 2004
Recent Fountains 2005
Stotz Fountain The Wedding
Dreamweavers, St. Augustine, FL Videos 1, 2, 3, 4
New Photos by Kevin Kerdash of Flash Studios
Videos of Dreamweavers of St. Augustine, FL 1, 2, 3, 4