More Photos From the Past

Here are more Photos of Fountains I made years ago that some of you
may find interesting.

My daughters, Brandy and Amber, helping to deliver a three piece fountain with adjacent planters
Two piece fountain in thirty inch scale at a retirement home in early 1980's
Unique small fountain on pedastal   Close up of three piece below
Close up of small unique fountain on pedastal           View of three piece in entry planter above 
Oriental Restaurant in Gainsville, FL   Note the application of matching Coquina stone to wall...
Two piece with lights at dance studio Orlando   Two piece at Oriental Restaurant in Port Charlotte, FL
Front and side views of a four piece fountain in an atrium in center of home in Jacksonville, FL
Three piece to accent french doors of cottage behind home on Lake Sybelia, Maitland, FL
Two views of multiple piece fountain on porch off master bedroom overlooking pool and canal at home in Palm Coast, FL
Very demanding design.  Three piece falling into spa at private home in Tampa, FL
Two closer views of three piece above