Photos From the Past

Here are some Photos of Fountains I made years ago that some of you
may find interesting.

Me working on early three foot fountain,
note starfish shape at the top of both
Two early tabletop fountains, My daughters' dolls enjoying the falls 
Early Fountain in 1984 or"85 at pirvate home in Deltona, FL with and without plants
Two early two piece fountains, small lights, fountain on right has Bonsai dishes, Key West, FL
First fountain in 1984, at import store           Earliy intricate oblong fountain in Daytona Beach.
Small custom fountain designed to accent homeowner's prized millstone
Show at Tampa Fairgrounds in 80's, oblong fountain lipped to flow into ponds built by 
another company that did the custom wood deck ponds, I believe they are no longer in business.
Side and top views of thirty inch tabletop fountain that has a 360 degree presentation
Sarasota poolside fountain and two piece interior fountain with lights
Four piece fountain built around driftwood             My first poolside fountain in Deland, FL
Close up of driftwood fountain above      Closer view of pooside