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Mosaic Fountains


Check out my Mosaic Foutain "Cloud Forest"
Check out my Mrs. Jones Mosaic Fountain 2008
I am intrigued by the beauty of Mosaics and want to incorporate them in my designs.
This came to me when I was visiting Barcelona, Spain.  There, I saw the work of the famous artist, Antonio Gaudi and his collaborator, ceramicist Josep Maria Jujol.  Guell Park is just one of his Gaudi's fantastic works, but it lit the fire in me!
This is a photo of a friend of mine at the base of a series of fountains on the stairs leading to the top and the serpentine benches.
Here I am at the serpentine mosaic benches overlooking the city of Barcelona.
The middle of the fountain series, the lizard, is what really caught my eye.
Note the natural stone in the center of the top part of the fountain.   What a mixture of fantasy, geometry, and the kernel of natural beauty at the center of it all.
The above photo shows the relative positions of the previous photos from my vacation.

It is borrowed from a great web site  Gaudi and Barcelona Club