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Miniature Fountains

October 2008 see new Clam Shell Fountain below.

View Video of Gallery 142 fountain display. It shows some of my miniature fountains.

Early in my career as a fountain artist all my designs were fresh and unique. Probably the laws of physics are at play as to the limits of the techniques I use. In fact, early on I was worried about where the designs would come from. Listening to my clients and designing to suit your needs and the demands of the location has provided unlimited possibilities.

However, one possibility has been a bit lacking. Miniature fountains. By miniature, I mean the smallest practical within the confine of descretely hiding a small pump. I made quite a few very small fountains in the first couple of years. When I designed the Small Classic Design Fountain, now called The Heart Fountain, I stopped trying to come up with other small interesting designs. I wanted to keep the price of these fountains reasonable, so I made a series of fiberglass and latex moulds to assist in creating them so the time involved in making them could be kept to a minimum. To make miniature fountains from scratch, with no mould, requires as many steps and as much time as much larger fountains which could naturally demand higher prices. To make miniature fountains didn't seem cost effective.

A couple of years ago, the owner of Gallery 142 invited me to join the other artists in the co-op for a show they called "12 X 12" for $200.00. So I spent considerable time creating several small fountains. I present photos of them here. Enjoy! Click to enlarge photos.

Above, New Clam Shell fountain, it has one planter. October 2008

Above are photos of my recent miniature fountains.

Below are photos of a few of the small fountains I made early in my career.

View Video of Gallery 142 fountain display.