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How I Design and Create Your New

Patio Paradise Fountain

When I visit your location to design a new fountain, I bring my portfolio that
contains the photos from this web site and more.  Before we sit down
and review the photos, I like to see the location or locations were you might
want a fountain.  That way, I can begin getting ideas and know what to
concentrate on when we look at the photos.  I have a 7 min. DVD about my
work that it is sometimes appropriate to view at that time.

In recent years, I have built this online brochure. What a great tool! I continue to update it from time to time with current photos of my work. When we speak to set an appointment I usually ask if you have ready access to the World Wide Web, so we can check out online photos that may help you to visualize what your fountain will look like. Otherwise, I can bring my laptop with these pages at hand for ready access.

Now the fun part begins.  I have a vision of how I could maximize the area
with my Patio Paradise concept.  It is my job to convey that vision to you.
Along the way, I listen carefully to your input.  Perhaps you like more
sound, more plants, or less.  Maybe you will really enjoy the fountain
at night and want a built-in twelve volt lighting system integrated
in your water feature's design.  Then again, you might have certain size planters
for your special plant collection, like orchids, bonsai, etc. I will
make templates so that your plants or any type of accent, a Buddha, the Virgen, etc., fit perfectly in your fountain.
 So the final design we arrive at is really a marriage of my
ideas and your very own ideas.
Once I have a pretty good idea what your fountain will look like in my minds eye,
I will work up a very simple plot plan for your fountain, using small
geometric cut outs, that approximate the basic shapes of the fountain "pieces"
that will comprise your fountain.  I will show you the plot plans of several
other fountains in my photos, so you can visualize best what your new fountain will
look like upon completion and installation.
All the pieces of the fountain are portable. I make them in my studio, and transport them
to your location.  They go on a dolly and through any doorways or gates necessary, and are
put together, stacked, dug in the ground, or whatever the design calls for.
Then we simply fill the fountain up with water from a hose and plug it in.
That is it.  I have done all the hard work in my shop and the installation takes minutes,
or an hour or so for the very large fountains.
Patio Paradise Fountains are made from the finest lightweight concrete materials.
The official name of my base material is: Styrofoam Aggregate Concrete.  It consists
of Portland concrete, builders sand, perlite, styrofoam beads,
fiberglass shreds,  and several chemicals that make those ingredients
 do the right things.  It gets quite technical: air entrainer, water reducer
and another chemical that reduces capillary action, to waterproof the fountain.
I make a depression in my sand box, a shape that will be the bottom
of your fountain piece.  A diamond mesh wire lathe basket is made
to fit in that depression.  I pour, or place my Styrofoam concrete mix in the sand box,
embedding the  wire basket inside several inches of the mix.  So, the bottoms of the
pieces are very strong as they come out of the sandbox.  THEN...
I create what I call "biscuit" like stones in the sand box, that I will use to create
the inside framework of the fountain design.  It is like how your mother makes
'drop biscuits' on a cookie sheet. Small stones are several inches in size, large ones up to 18 to 24 inches in size. They are roughly rectangular in shape.  They are flat on one side but the side from the sandbox has a very nice undulating bumpy shape, from the sand,
that will give your fountain a very natural appearance on all sides.
I 'lay' these stones 'up', as masons say, a few at a time over several days to several
weeks, using a high grade mortar,  till I have 'reached the top' then work back down,
carefully directing the flow of the water in interesting falls, rivulets, and even
small separate pools with bubbling springs.   The PVC plumbing  is contained in the
framework of the fountain and is not visible.  The pump, likewise, is hidden
from view in a variety of ways, depending on the design: under a planter, a stone, or a custom
rock that lifts off to reveal the pump, for cleaning or replacement.
Once the fountain is finished in "gray" then I fine tune the sound and flow
for the most pleasing effect.  Finally , my hallmark Coquina veneer is applied.
This is a very labor intensive step.  The pool finish material with the color is applied
by a spray tool, then, quickly, the shell finish is hand thrown, to reach all
areas and give a completely finished appearance to the final work.
There are a few final steps to clean and cure the fountain.
Each fountain is made over a week to two week period.
When your fountain is completed, I call you and set an appointment for
installation.  All the pieces come apart and are loaded into my van and/or trailer
for delivery to your location.  In an hour or so, all the pieces are assembled
at your location.  We are now ready to fill the fountain with water and plug it in.
It is always wise to follow electrical codes and plug the pump into a GFCI protected
outlet (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter).
Your new water feature will give you many years of enjoyment.
 Please check out Batura Fountain and Construction Video. It shows a time lapse video of a seven piece pool side fountain under construction, as well as photos that show the installation.

Maintenance is easy.  A wet/dry shop vac is great to remove the water
and any debris when it is time to clean your fountain.  Some people can't
wait for a beautiful algae growth to appear.  Others want to maintain their
fountains like new, so they drop in Bromine tablets from time to time.
Chlorine bleach can be used directly on the Coquina veneer finish to remove any algae.
Be sure you rinse the fountain with fresh water and Vacuum up the debris.
Your new water feature will give you many years of enjoyment.
See also: Care and Maintenance.

Call  813-263-2989