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Daytona Beach, Florida

Finn Pool side Fountain

Mr. Finn's pool side fountain presented some unique challenges. At the edge of the pool where the fountain is located is a recessed area in the pool deck that served as a very rudimentary fountain. There was jet of water that fell back on itself before falling over the edge of the recess into the pool. I met Mr. Finn at the Daytona home show and he was excited to have a coquina fountain of mine to sit over the existing fountain. My fountain would have to span the recess in the pools edge and completely hide all of the horseshoe shaped recess in the pool's edged. It is only the second fountain of mine to require re bar metal reinforcement. It is most likely the largest single piece fountain I have ever made. All my other fountains are built in pieces designed to be readily portable. This design would not have fit through a door except on it's side, because it is just 28' tall. It took four people to lift. If we had to turn it on it's side to get through a door for delivery that would have been a possible but weighty task. Luckily, Mr. Finn had a large double front door as well as a wide glass door unto the pool area. So with four people to lift the fountain, the delivery went smoothly.