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Contemporary Designs

Since the early days of Patio Paradise, I have realized that the natural
lines and shapes of my creations would not suit all settings and tastes.  At the
same time I have been aware that in nature there are straight lines and all
your basic geometric shapes.  I, therefore, offer to venture into more
Contemporary Designs as you encourage me to do so.

Mid Nov. 2002, I gave a consultation for just such a Contemporary Design.
The gentleman and I spent several hours working on the design.  My daughter, Brandy,and I spent several hours working on the sketch of the design.  I am thinking about making a half scale version of it in the near future.
Let me know what you think.

Finally, Completed, January 2005. Below is the title and a description.

“Lemonade with Brandy”

He asked if I made contemporary fountains. Sure. Why not? So I traveled across the state and worked on the original design for hours. He then said he needed a 3D sketch to “show his wife”. My daughter, Brandy helped me produce a nice 3D sketch, which I faxed to him the next day. No response. Zip. Nada. This is a half scale version. So it was that he handed me lemons and I chose to make lemonade with Brandy’s help.