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What is involved in Commissioning a Custom

Patio Paradise Fountain?

Most of my clients who have commissioned custom fountains have seen my work
in at least one location and could somehow sense that whoever made that,
could create a similar fountain for their home or business setting. I have included
in this web site a variety of sizes and shapes in the hope that you could sense the unlimited potential for my Patio Paradise Concept. It is my hope that you will call or email me and discuss what your fountain needs
might be, which size or color appeals to you. Once we have established some
idea of what your needs are, you might want to see one or more of my fountain creations in person, if you haven't already. You could come to Retail Locations throughout the state of Florida where you could see my work. It is usually best for me to see the location where you would like a customized fountain. I regularly travel around the state of Florida, and South East, delivering
fountains to the shops that represent me. I could arrange to visit with
you the next time I will be in your area. However, if you want a fountain sooner rather then later, I would be pleased to set an appointment and visit with you as soon as possible in my schedule. Depending on the time and the distance involved, it might be necessary for me to charge a consultation fee to cover my expenses. The terms that work best are 50% as a down payment, 50% upon completion and installation. The time frame for the completion of your new fountain can vary widely. It depends on many factors and can be in the range of 4-6 weeks, 6-8 weeks, or even 8-10 weeks. For the most part, I try to keep Patio Paradise Fountains a one man operation. Occasionally I have hired part time help in busy periods so no one has to wait too long for their fountain.
The prices I quote include the pump, installation and, of course a complete one year warranty. The manufacturer warranties the pump. I give you the box it came in, with the warranty.

So, for a custom designed, Patio Paradise Fountain, that will enhance your surroundings, please call me or e-mail me and let me know how I may be of service to you.