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Cloud Forest

"Cloud Forest" is based on scrapbook memories of a trip to Costa Rica in 1989. A Monkey peeks out behind the Mariposa Hotel in Quepos. Strangler figs hang from the trees in Monteverde. A delicate white flower grows next to a waterfall in Golfito. My own Photos captured those memories. Postcards I collected remind me of things I missed seeing like the Poison Dart Frog, the Golden Toad, the Bronze Hermit Hummingbird and the Passionflower. Internet research revealed the Blue Morpho Butterfly, as well as the two views of the elusive Quetzal, sacred bird of the Cloud Forest.
(Permission was granted by the two artists responsible for the images of the Quetzal. The frontal view is by Neil Waldman, illustrator and painter (check out Starry Nights), and is found on the cover of "The Quetzal: Sacred Bird of the Forest" by Dorothy Hinshaw Patent. The rear view is by Daniel McQuestion and is listed as #83 in his Gallery.)