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"Patio Paradise Fountains"

by Joe Weinstein

Inspired by Florida's Natural Beauty

About Us

Artist's Statement

"Creating these unique waterfalls fulfills my artistic mission to bring a touch of tropical paradise to your surroundings. Whether they are displayed inside the home on a table, in the foyer or in an atrium, or placed outside, by the pool or spa, on the patio or lanai, or as part of the landscape, these creations evoke feelings of a tropical paradise.
Each fountain is fashioned from a special blend of lightweight concrete, then finished with my trademark Coquina stone veneer which is available in white, charcoal or buff. Because of the custom and handcrafted nature of my work, fountains can be created to precisely meet the aesthetic needs of your location or decor."

All creations, even custom installations which appear to be permanent fixtures, are portable.

For a custom designed, Patio Paradise Fountain, that will enhance your surroundings, please call me or E-mail me and let me know how I may be of service to you.

Show Schedule

As of November 2007 you can visit my new Tampa Location. 5015 N. Hale Ave. Tampa, FL 33614 I have returned to Tampa to a location where I hope to grow and expand.

As of October 2006 you can view my fountains at Clay Gallery, New Smyrna Beach, FL.

When in the Tapma area, you are still welcome to visit the fountain display garden at Cappy's Pizza Restaurant, 4910 N. Florida Av. Tampa, FL.

There are many other locations throughout Florida where you can view or purchase a Patio Paradise fountain.

I have Four Classic Designs available that fit many of my clients needs. To commission a custom fountain for your home or business, I would be pleased to arrange an appointment for a consultation at your location. Call me at 813-263-2989 to set an appointment. Prices vary depending on the size and options you choose, such as lighting, intricate designs, number of planters, flat areas for accessories, etc.

Please take the time to view my Photo Galleries